Boost your immunity and help maintain the balance of your intestinal flora with 8 beneficial strains and 800 billion live bacteria per sachet.

Why choose Sivomixx® 800?

Sivomixx® 800 contains a high concentration of bacteria, 800 billion per sachet, to ensure the colonisation and restoration of the gut barrier in specific health conditions.

Sivomixx® 800 contains the probiotic mix known as Slab51®, 8 different strains of lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria.

Slab51® is made of the following strains:

S. thermophilus DSM32245, L. acidophilus DSM32241, L. plantarum DSM32244 L. paracasei DSM32243, L. helveticus DSM32242, L. brevis DSM27961, B. lactis DSM32246, B. lactis DSM32247.

Recommended daily dose:

  • 1-3 per day for 14 days in the evening before bedtime

How to take Sivomixx® 800:

  • Dilute in non-carbonated water, cold or at room temperature or sprinkled over yoghurt or cereal

Quality manufacturing process:

  • Sivomixx® 800 is a high quality product, with proven safety of use and clinically tested

Refrigerate to maintain quality:

  • Cold chain is maintained during the entire manufacturing process to ensure the viability and vitality of the bacteria.
  • However Sivomixx® 800 can be stored at room temperature for a week without altering its quality.